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V64 Release Notes

Retired Support

Voice Mode: Today, we’re rolling out a new setting called Voice Mode which we announced earlier this month. This setting gives people more control over their Horizon Worlds experience by allowing you to choose how you hear people who aren’t on your friends list. This includes the option to not hear unwanted conversations at all. By default, everyone will hear all nearby users at the same volume. However, with Voice Mode you can easily switch to Garbled Voices, in which non-friends’ voices come across as unintelligible, friendly sounds. If you enable Garbled Voices, strangers will see an indicator that you can’t hear them so they don’t feel like you’re ignoring them. But if you do want to hear what they’re saying, you can simply raise one hand with the controller to your ear to temporarily un-garble them without having to add them as a friend.




Paddle Golf Game Kit: A new Paddle Golf Game Kit is now available in the Asset Library. It includes a Paddle, Ball and Tee for play as well as Hole starts and end objects, and scripts to handle starting and ending holes. We also published a Paddle Golf Example World with 9 holes to showcase how to leverage this kit to build your own custom course. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build! 




In-World purchases with Inventory: Currently, In-World Purchases (IWP) are used immediately upon purchase. We’ve added the ability for creators to offer consumable IWP items (items that can be purchased multiple times) that don’t have to be used immediately, or even within the same session as when the item was purchased. To make this happen, we’ve introduced a player inventory, which people can access by pressing the menu button on their controller, or from their left wrist. Now people can purchase in-world consumables to enhance their world experiences and use the inventory to view the items they bought.




Also, starting today, visitors from the UK can also purchase IWP items that are offered. IWP items are still being tested with a handful of creators, and are items creators make to enhance the experience in the worlds they have published.


Send Event With Delay Code Block Improvements:  Creators will now be able to use the "Send Event WIth Delay" code block to queue up the same event to be sent multiple times.  Previously, if the same event was sent from the same object with a delay, any future attempts to send that event would be ignored until the first one completed.


Note that this new behavior only applies to code blocks placed after the feature was rolled out.  Any existing code blocks will still behave as before to prevent unintentional behavior changes in existing worlds.  Code blocks using the old feature will be marked DEPRECATED in the script editor.  To update to the new functionality, these can be replaced with the new version by dragging in a new code block.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved. Thanks for all of your reports of these issues in Uservoice! We appreciate your reports and feedback. Please let us know if you are experiencing other issues by reporting these in UserVoice. (

  • We fixed an issue where objects may move in extremely large worlds
  • We’ve improved the experience of notifications not being received in Create mode
  • We’ve improved Horizon Worlds performance when more than 18 avatars in a world

Known Issues

 We’ve become aware of increased complications while traveling. Our team has identified this issue and is actively working to improve the travel experience. We’ll update you with more information as it becomes available.