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V67 Release Notes

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V67 Release Notes


Introducing Content Ratings and Mature World Policy for Creators: 

Today we are introducing Content Ratings to all worlds as part of our new Mature Worlds Policy. (  Creators are now required to rate their world as designated for ‘18+’ or ‘Everyone’ based on the content within. To publish new worlds, creators will now need to acknowledge they’ve read the new Mature Worlds Policy and rate their world appropriately (you can read the updated policy here For existing worlds, creators can adjust the Content Rating of their world in the World tab in Build mode. After 30 days, worlds that are unrated will default to 18+ regardless of the content in the world. Creators will still have the option to update the rating after that time. Please note that while we are expanding the types of content available in Horizon Worlds so long as it’s rated appropriately, content outlined in our Prohibited Worlds policy is never allowed. To learn more about the Mature Worlds Policy or Prohibited Worlds Policy, please visit our website here. (

Asset Library - Personal Folders

We are rolling out an update that allows users to add custom folders to the Asset Library. This allows creators the ability to organize their assets, making it easier to find and use the assets you need to make awesome worlds. With this feature you’ll still see ‘My Assets’, but now be able to create, and organize assets into your own customer folders. Also, editing the folder names will be coming in a few weeks.

Durable in-world purchases with Inventory

Creators with access to in-world purchases will now have the ability to offer durable items for sale that purchasers can put in and out of their inventory. This means creators can offer visitors items that they can use when they want to. This item must be linked to an asset. This can be things like a hat, or shoes that give the purchaser super speed. No script is required, but creators can still write entitlement scripts to check if the user owns this item or not.