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V71 Release Notes

Retired Support

V71 Release Notes

Send Thanks
Want to express your appreciation for someone who shared building tips to improve your world? Introducing a new way to show gratitude and send thanks to people who help foster enjoyable experiences in Horizon. With no requirement to be friends or nearby, you can now recognize others for their positive vibes, helpfulness, talent, and good sportsmanship that they bring to Horizon.
To send thanks, navigate to the People panel and hover over the person you want to thank, click More, and then Send Thanks. From the pop-up window, select the behavior you wish to recognize in the other person and click Send. If you send thanks to someone nearby… watch what happens once they receive your thanks!
New Manage People Panel
To support you in maintaining a positive experience for visitors in your world, we are beginning to roll out the new Manage People panel. This will replace the Manage Collaborators button and provide easy access to view everyone currently in your world so you can quickly take action, such as muting and removing, to ensure people can enjoy everything your world, event, or game has to offer.
To access the new Manage People panel, go to the World Info page and click the “Manage People” button. You will then see an overview of all people currently in your world, along with separate tabs to view Collaborators, Pending Invites, and anyone who has been Moderated. Click on an avatar icon to view the menu of options and actions you can take, including:
View Profile
Add to Party
Poll to Remove
Mute for World

Currently, the new Manage People panel is only available for world owners, but we plan to expand access to this feature to collaborators in the future.
Canyon Runners Game
We are excited to announce the release of a new racing game, Canyon Runners! Canyon Runners is a reference game that showcases a fun new way to use our recently added custom locomotion system. Race your ship through dangerous canyons, dodge obstacles to climb the global leaderboard and be the best pilot in the galaxy! It’s available now. Check it out and let us know what you think.
Meta Horizon Homes and Personal Space
As you may have noticed, we recently started rolling out new personal spaces in Horizon Worlds. We encountered some issues and the team is now working on improvements before we continue with this rollout.

If you shared feedback about this - thank you! We appreciate your enthusiasm and help, and we’re looking forward to bringing a personal space to everyone in the future.

Bug Fixes
The following Visit 2.0 bugs have been resolved. The team is working to resolve and prioritize the other known 2.0 issues. Thanks for all of your reports of these issues in Uservoice! We appreciate your reports and feedback. Please let us know if you are experiencing other issues by reporting these in UserVoice.
  • While entering worlds, we’ve fixed an issue causing lighting to render incorrectly and increase travel times
  • We’ve fixed an issue with incorrect lighting and shadows on certain objects, as seen in the world Stardust Cartel
  • We’ve made some improvements to scripting performance issues, as seen in the world Stardust Cartel
  • We’ve made some improvements to performance after resetting a world, as seen in world Interdimensional
  • We’ve fixed an issue that was affecting sound recorders playing incorrectly