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V74 Release Notes

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V74 Release Notes


New Bug Reporter Over the coming weeks we will be releasing a shortcut to report any bugs you may encounter. This new flow mimics reporting a problem from the Meta Quest home by using the “Report a Problem” button on the navigation bar. To bring up the “Report a Problem” panel, hold the A, B, X, and Y buttons on your controllers at the same time for 5 seconds. Once the panel is displayed, the process is the same. You provide a short description of the issue you are seeing, and you can include a screenshot to help illustrate the issue you encountered. Please note, those who are reporting bugs in this way will not receive a response once they have submitted the bug report.


Known Issues The following are a list of bugs that the team is working to review and improve. To enter any bugs that you may come across that are not covered in this list, please visit the Horizon Worlds UserVoice - 1. Desktop mic not working correctly 2. Audio not working correctly in some worlds 3. Some avatars appearing gray in personal space 4. Collisions with groups and players not registering 5. Some people cannot proceed past the Horizon loading page or the blue loading screen 6. We’re also aware of issues related to our recent Visit 2.0 update, specifically scripts and assets behaving incorrectly in visit mode but correct in edit mode. If this is happening to your world - please add it directly to the Visit 2.0 channel on UV. Please include the world name, the broken asset or script, and the expected behavior.