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Achievements Don't work


I just tried to create an achievement  for reaching the end of my map but it doesn't seem to happen I followed a tutorial on YouTube but it did not work for me

Does anybody know why achievements don't work?


Honored Guest

Here is the solution!

Make sure you build the game to your quest in order for them to work!

I cant get achievements to work .. is there anything specific I need to put in the script to make this work because they don't work for me 

Everything done in that video is all you have to add to your script to make it work

It looks like that person in the video is altering the code how?

I mean scripting in horizon worlds scripts 

An achievement for your purpose should be very straight forward. script: When player enters the trigger, mark achievement as complete (and select the appropriate one from the drop down that you already created in the black menu)   There is a scripting class every Thursday might at 9pm where you can ask questions.   Look for world "weekly scripting hour" it is great as the teachers built scripts so you can interact with them in world. Also don't forget to pull out the achievement gizmo as well