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Add streaming radio to my world

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Hi there! I’m a DJ and would to be able to stream my sets to my world live. I can do this in SecondLife via Shoutcast streaming. Can this be done in Horizon? Is there any way to have streaming internet radio play in the world rather than uploading individual music files?


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I have the same question! I was thinking that the Twitch setup would work here. 2 laptops. One for djing and one for streaming connected by a mixer. Im thinking that your sound would enter the world via your avatar.


The Woodstock world does this using a Spotify Pro account. You might want to talk to the world creator about how it works.

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This is something that is currently done by MANY horizon builders.

Start by downloading the oculus rift app for your PC or Laptop.
Change your Output and Input to Cable.
By Default, the plugin will change your audio hertz to 44100.
You want to make sure both Output and Input of your Cable Properties are set to 24bit 48000,

Open your music source, this can be any audio coming from your machine at this point.
If successful, you should see audio coming out of your Avatars mouth in the mirror. Join with your Oculus in the same world to confirm audio is playing as expected. Cheers!

I am the only person in horizon worlds to run 8 individual bots in a single Meta Horizon world session, while live streaming on multiple social medias at the same time from ONE MACHINE. This allows for several camera angles during a LIVE STREAM!

I am interested in the method by which you run multiple DJs in a single session.    I have run multiple bots in individual virtual machines, but the overhead is relatively high to run multiple instances of Windows.   Are you running them as separate Windows users in a Windows server environment ?   That is my next experiment although server licensing is an order of magnitude higher than a simple Windows 10 license.   TIA,    Jim

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Great question I want to make clubs in Horizon where people can go and perform and wouldn’t want it to be just a prerecorded video and don’t have PlayStation travis Scott money. This would be great avenue for smaller artists 

“Teach me ole wise one” no really I need game on this


The way I knew how to do it is broken now, ever since the horizon world update last week.   I just downloaded the new version today and it seems not to have fixed the audio streaming issue.   I know there is a workaround, I am assembling the resources to implement it.

The old way was to use a VB virtual audio cable (donation ware)  to patch the sound stream out of whatever media player you were using into the audio input stream for Horizon.    The main "gotcha" was that you had to adjust the bitrate to 44Khz,  the system defaulted to 41.something.      I will be installing Windows onto a new drive on my linux box  ( I had been using multiple windows virtual machines running under a linux Vbox hypervisor ) so that windows will see the GTX graphics card instead of the Vbox SVGA which will allow Oculus to link to a headset properly.     I am very disappointed that today's patch did not restore the audio process which worked previously.   I can understand Meta taking the capability away if they had an available replacement, even if it cost some reasonable fee.   To remove a capability without having a suitable alternative seems more like an error than intent.