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Adding doors?

Retired Support

How do I add other creator's doors to my world? 



You must be added as a collaborator on their world to create a door to it. Either a Tester or Editor.


Once you're in a world, pull up your in game wrist watch menu(left or right button depending on what you made your dominant hand) and ensure its the blue menu not the one that brings up your main oculus menu but then go to your world, click on info and then click manage collaborators and then invite whoever you want too have your world be put in theirs as your collaborator! Once they are a collaborator, they can put a door to your world into theirs and if you want their door in your world then they must do the same and add you as a collaborator and then you must accept it! Then go to the menu again and in the build menu, above the shapes to put in there is a gizmo tab, scroll down to doors and then while hovering over the door, open up the properties but clicking up with the joystick and change the world to whatever you want!

I am definitely going to try this tonight. Thank you!