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Cannot download horizon worlds

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I live in NZ and I cannot download it. It let me download it about a month ago but then it said my account is not part of the invite only beta. then it disappeared from my apps list and said coming soon in the store again. Coming soonComing soon



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey TechSideOfficial! We want everyone to have the ability to experience Horizon Worlds, and trust us, we are working to have Horizon Worlds available to more countries as soon as possible! We are working on the bugs and towards creating a more streamlined experience before letting more users get their hands on Horizon Worlds! Any updates to when Horizon Worlds will be available to more countries will be posted here on the community forums and on our social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We understand the anticipation is killer, and we thank you for your patience and patronage to our platform! We look forward to see you in Horizon Worlds in the near future! 

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Hello, I purchased the Quest 2 back in May/June and have not had any issues with anything but then I added a second account onto the device for my son, using all the same apps that I use. I recently published a world in Horizon Worlds and now, whenever my son tries to go into Horizon worlds under his account, we receive this message: "your account cannot be used with the horizon invite only beta." I have tried restarting the device, I have looked at all of the settings, I've done all I can think of and yet we are still getting this message. Please help, I bought this mainly for my son and would like for him to be able to use the different apps, just under his own account. Thank you in advance


Hey there, @Belex0941! We understand that you're having issues with your son accessing Horizon Worlds. We would gladly look into getting to the bottom of this, so that we get a better understanding of what may be causing this issue. Can you please answer the following for us:


  • Is this issue only happening on your son's account or your account too?
  • Double check the age requirements are being met, the age requirement is 18+.
  • Are you in supported country?


Once you reply back to us, we'll be able to look further into this!

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i don't understand, they said, release in summer... we are half september, and still not released (Belgium, Europe)... But like France, it has been released a month ago... why can France buy/download it, and not all EU ?


I bought the Quest 2 for this, because the kids wanted Horizon Worlds...

That's right. For me, this is discrimination. RecRoom is pretty much the same and available from every country, but not this one. Reminds me of Netfix. It took at least 10 years for it to be available in my country, and yet it's an online service. This is pure mockery of people. Either it's available to everyone or to no one. 


He will probably delete my comment again because I was "bad".