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Creating Climb Grab Points

Honored Guest

Hi - hope you can help, 

I've visited Horizon worlds where players can climb (pull themselves up) using grab points (or objects) anchored to the wall - how are these grab points/objects created? 


Setting an object's property to 'grabbable' is only available when the object is 'interactive' (moveable) and no longer anchored to the wall! I tried grouping the interactive 'grabbable' object to a non-interactive wall but that did not work! 


Assume climbing grab points are achieved by a combination of properties and scripting but have been unable to find examples/tutorials or work it out myself!


Any help is appreciated 🙂           


Honored Guest

Hi if your still looking for the solution to this problem or like me found this post when searching for the answer then you need use the set object physical motion code block.

Pass in the object and set it to false.

Also found this page really useful for finding code block functions.

That stops the grabable object from moving but does not enable ones avatar to move up by pulling. I just makes it so it stands there trying to pull same as if you were pushing a wall
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Why aren't the people who created this game answering any of these questions!!!!
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Did you ever find a solution?

Honored Guest

Almost a year, im mot finding anything new everything is from 2022, like creating in Horizon Worlds has just stopped. Or atleast people making content seemed to stop. Anyone? Anything yet?