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Creating world in horizon

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I am trying to create my first world, I chose to start from blank. I have some buildings and foliage but I can’t figure out how to make the floor and also what to do when my capacity is full. I’ve watched the tutorial video a million times but can’t figure it out. Any suggestions? Tia.



You could try to clone assets from another world, or try to create a cube and flatten it. You can then place it flat slightly above the plane 0 level, and change colour/material effect etc. Make sure rotation is all set to 0’s too so it’s flat, if that’s what you’re looking for?

Only way I’ve been able to find to do it if it’s any help?

Nothing seems very straightforward when creating worlds though, not sure how everyone else makes it look so easy? How do the Meta Developers do it cos there’s no way they’re sitting with headsets on to create those super intricate worlds?


"also what to do when my capacity is full"

This kind of gave me some ideas, cuz on the web we already make all these asynchronous call to get media objects (think of when your scrolling down a page and it keeps loading) So the next logical step is to load your 3d objects as you move around in the world thats coming from the server (minecraft multiplayer style)

It's kind of funny how we get this concept of an "object" in programming but in VR/MxR it's so much more literal. I'm really excited to start bringing the quest out and integrating GPS data from my pocket server.


Also for anyone looking on tips to get high quality low mb assets for your world
- Reduce vertices counts (decimate modifier in blender)
- Procedural texture shaders ( aka don't send a 4k noise texture when it can just be generated on the fly )
- Bake lighting ( trust me, this will give u more RAM when u need it instead of needing to compute each frame )
- use the gltf format ( it's literaly meant for VR! )

in the future hopefully we get a processor with a dedicated TPU for A.i up sampling : )

As mentioned just need to get creative with the primitive shapes and squish them.  There are some building assets that you can break apart and get a floor, but then limited to the shape.

As just started out, I recommend looking at one of the template worlds and analyzing it.

The creators are 100% building in the headset. But those new graphics (Super Rumble) recently launched to a few do now start on a computer to build custom assets to import but then still have in world build requirements. 

Expert Protege

geo always fills up fast if pulling out assets, can only pull out so many. Best to try and build as much as you can with primitive shapes and lower your player count if the world type supports it.   Other tricks are ungrouping objects and making certain thing uncollidable such as a tree top. When you get more advanced you can spawn in sections like seen in Spy School

Collaboration is the key to building elaborate worlds quickly. You give each person a task like buildings or foliage. Maybe another person works on scripting and another on sound effects. Also these people are super talented. I wish I could get some of them to help with a world I’m working on now. lol.