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Custom Accessories for Horizon Worlds!!

Level 3

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of metaverse is “combined worlds” meaning many different worlds all linked together and aspects from one world can be brought into any of the other linked worlds. 

Here is the idea, it would be cool and metaverse esc if a player could create and carry an object on their self into any world they travel to. For an example mine would be the sword I just created, other examples could be but not limited to : handbags, hats, mask, canes, wheelchairs, toys like boomerangs, swords and shields, a basketball, slingshot, an animal to rest on the shoulder or another way, etc. etc. 

I don’t know the technicalities to how this would be implemented but I imagine it would be on the lines of making a space around the player that can be allowed to create things within and orientate them around the player as they please. I imagine that would have a capacity and limits just like worlds do. 


Level 4

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