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Frustrating Issue Controller lock up


I have experienced a frustrating issue which is making me irate

While I am trying to add an effect to my map the controller locks up and I cannot access properties and finish the work I am doing

I had to close and reopen the program is someone controlling this thing? I don't want people to alter or mess around with the maps I made there are 25 in the series I don't want my work altered 




I'm still experiencing problems with the controls on horizon world

the controller keeps clicking down the green duplicate button which is getting very irritating 

Something is even deleting stuff as I make it which is very frustrating this seems like malicious activity it seems like someone has been using my device without me being aware of it?



Try re-calibrating the controller you have a problem with in Quest settings -> Devices -> Controllers. 

NOTE: After circling the joystick tree times, push the slider to 100 to ensure that the circle shown while you're doing this extends uncontrolled joystick movements. (I had to move mine to 100)