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Hand/cursor functions crashing + Leaderboard not loading

Honored Guest

Hi everyone! Since the update to V86, the hand/cursor functions in my world have been crashing - meaning that I am able to move my avatar's hands but cannot click or interact with anything. As a result, I am unable to interact with door gizmos, grab objects, or select anything in the Horizon Worlds menu. 

Additionally, one of my leaderboards does not load any data until after I interact with it.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues?


Honored Guest

I am also experiencing this issue. Is there any fix??

Hi there, @teale678! Hearing that you are having some issues within Horizon Worlds with hand/cursor functions is disheartening. We know how this can impact your VR gaming experience and we want to help. If you are experiencing this issue in only Horizon Worlds and no other games/apps, then we would like to suggest that you submit a bug report within Horizon Worlds.


Follow these steps to submit a report: 

  1. Open the Horizon Worlds app.
  2. While holding both of the controllers, press down simultaneously the A&B buttons on the right controller and the X&Y buttons on the left controller.
  3. Pressing all four buttons will start the process of the bug collection. Be sure to submit details of the issue.

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. 

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