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Hello! New world creator here.

I am having a lot of fun getting to know the tools of basic building. I would like to learn and soak up anything and everything so my visions can come to life. I've started collecting inspiration and am inspired by all of you as well. Could you leave the most helpful in-world or youtube tutorials below for me, please? 




Honestly If you add oculos410 On horizon he has world tours events on wednesdays and there are awesome builders in there that can answer as well as Vidyuu tutorials on youtube are very helpful! I can help too if you add, I would be more than happy to show you explain anything within the worlds you're building or help in any way -ZachTheArtist


Visit Vidyuu's channel: Laex's Tutorials

Or add me and ask me for help anytime - check out my latest creation: Cinderella's Castle

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Zach! I'm looking forward to joining the world tours to see around, be inspired and ask awesome people my questions. The Vidyuu channel and essentials have already helped so much as well. Thanks again! Hope to see you around. 

Thank you for the help! Vidyuu has already helped so much. Looking forward to visiting your cinderella's castle. Looks amazing!

Cool. Take a pic and post it to the world. Let me know if you have any questions in-game.

Your Cinderella's Castle is beautiful - very detailed with nice colors. Congratukations!

Thanks Jeremy. Perhaps I can give you a personal tour. 



Hey man! Thanks for giving me the tour. It is a massive build and really took me back to vacations at Disneland with the architecture, cinderella's coach and delicate, detailed shoes. There's a dragon with yellow glowing eyes and the forbidding moat around the entire castle. You have a teleportation system that gave me a great tour through the many levels in the castle. You have several different kinds of lighting and even a dress to try on! Thanks for the tour.