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Help. Cant access my created worlds in horizon. Keep getting blue screen with no load bar.

Level 2

Up until two days ago I have been able to access Horizon Worlds with no issues...until I was in build mode creating a new world and the app began to freeze. I then Respawned back into the world and then 30 seconds later it happens again.  Now when I try to access worlds I get the horizon screen all blue with no load bar. Sometimes I'll make it to my personal space..join another creators world and freeze all over again. I have done a factory reset, I have deleted the app. All other apps on my Oculus work fine. I can even get into Venues. I cant be in a world for longer than 30 seconds without it freezing. Now here is the interesting part. When i connect my oculus to my hot spot on my iPhone HW works just fine. no issues, no traveling issues no freezings. I have ran several tests even contacted my internet provider FIOS to see if i am having a. connectivity issue but there is no indication of. an issue. All devices in my home are functioning fine and again I can go to other apps with no problem.


Does anyone know how to fix this? My oculus is up to date and I did the latest update in Horizon. I just want to build and this is extremely frustrating. I do not want to use all my hotspot data to build and be on the app. My oculus works fine with any other App. 


Level 4

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