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Horizon Worlds Quest Not Showing up

Honored Guest

When People Get New Quest I Can’t See Them On My Account Or They Go Away So I Cant Get All The Cool Things People Ate Getting So I Want To Know How Can I Fix That?


Honored Guest

I have this problem too. It's as if the quests stopped appearing once I'd visited 13 worlds. There is no option to "view all" on the view quests menu any more. I can hear the positive quest completion sound when I should but it doesn't give me a notification or the reward.

I’ve also noticed that I only have 12 worlds in my library with no ability or option to add more, even if I like and save other worlds I visit.

I’ve tried a factory reset, and uninstalling and reinstalling Horizon worlds but nothing fixes it.

How do I fix that please?


Update: the Main quests are now back, but I am still stuck with the 12 worlds and no other worlds that I visit appearing in my list.

Is this a known issue?