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Horizon worlds oculus quest 2 acting maliciously


I'm having problems with my device it keeps acting maliciously sometimes deleting objects in front of my eyes which is very frustrating

I may have reported this before but someone keeps clicking down on the build button while I am trying to work on something which is also very frustrating what is this ghosting?

I'm also having problems with the controller as if someone is controlling this thing it jerks around and just seems really flimsy something so expensive should not have such bad controllers

Is someone controlling this thing? since this program is online maybe someone could be connecting to my device what is going on? I am just trying to finish my map



 The controller is even worse today the controls are so bad I cannot even finish my map 

The controllers act very maliciously deleting stuff as if someone is controlling this thing or the device has a virus this is very frustrating I will try to replace the battery's I hope the controller situation improves so I can finish my map