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How do I get to an earlier save of my draft world

Honored Guest

So I was building just fine and a day or two away from publishing and I been at 94% geo capacity with 16 person capacity for two weeks so I tried a game out in my test world and it was only 1% geo, so I decided to bring it in to my unpublished world when all of a sudden when I did, my world jumped to 146% geo which Im over now and after deleting objects and reducing players to 8 I am now at 99% which is ridiculous!!! So I am now trying to get to an earlier save of my unpublished world to get it back to %94 so I can publish but I clicked on a link but seems to take me to an HW advertising page instead.. Does anyone know the correct place to go to retrieve earlier saves of my build?



You can go here to restore a backup

There is also a new bug with platonic_01 taking more capacity then it should.