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How to script a Zombie that chases a player for my bmovie map

Level 3

I am trying to make a bmovie zombie style map how can I script a zombie to chase a player and then when the zombie catches the player to respawn the player back to the begining

I found that the only way to make the zombies move the way I wanted was to animate them manually 

any ideas?


Level 3

I'm having some trouble with the oculus quest 2 it doesn't even seem to respond to the script.  I made some targets to shoot for my zombie map with a weapon but they will not seem to work

this script is attached to the target object

when projectile collides with interactive object

play sound

do vis fx

add 1 to counter

display string as variable as text (because there are no counters)

The oculus is ignoring this I cannot get it to work

It seems that I had to attach all the collision projectile events from one script to the projectile launcher gizmo itself or it doesn't seem to work although after doing this I think I noticed some slowdown it seems like there is only one way I preferred my way to be honest

This is a nightmare  now my weapon wont reload I haven't even started scripting the enemy's yet I have no idea

Does anyone know why reloading doesn't work can we send an event to another script this does not seem to work user persistent values should work but I cannot get this working