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I cant use Horizon World

Honored Guest

Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Just would like to build in Horizon World but it's becoming difficult. I had a facebook account since 2007 and I got hacked in 2022 I haven't been able to use facebook like before. When I got the oculus I used my facebook account to set up I bought few things and lost everything when my account got hacked. Unfortunately I was never able to regain back access to my facebook account. So I decided to create a new FB account so I can use my oculus again. I was able to use Horizon World again after I created a new FB account, but after sometime I was not able to use Horizon World as it is stating it will becoming to everyone, even tho I'm located in the United States and was using it before. After some research I found on here and on the internet, I found out that my FB account is the problem. Not sure what problem my FB account is given for me to get restricted and get no access to HW. So I attempted to make a 3 FB account to see if this was the case and I was able to verify that for some reason my 2nd FB account is restricted, and now my 3rd FB account is going on suspension and it's not even 2 weeks since I have that account. Not sure how to fix these issue I'm having since my original FB got hacked. Can someone help me address these issues. Thanks, because I would like to build in Horizon World.