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I have made 30 Quest's


I now have made 30 of my own Quest's !!!!!!!

So anyone have any Ideas as to how I could celebrate this milestone🎈🎉?

I hope to publish all 30 in the future it may even be possible before Christmas although march 2024 seems more realistic  



So a couple things you can do is setup an event. Look for a creator named Anonymom. She has a world that showcases all events happening. She can show you how to get your event on the board. Once thats done, share your event to every social media platform that has others that use Horizon Worlds. Theres a FB page that you can send to, a ddiscord page for all events, and your own fb and instagram. All of this is pretty much self promotion. But posting often helps alot. 

Expert Protege

Congrats! Ukulele man had some great suggestions.  In addition, you could attend the weekly world tours held Wednesdays at 8pm est. They sometimes have availability to show one world by a couple creators that's not on the list. But you can also visit the world now and learn how to post up to get one of your doors highlighted. Also taking friends on a world hop is fun. 

There are now 35 !!!!!!!!

I probably am going to take a rest from mapping and maybe quit making them now as there are already too many.