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Is it possible to create a map on PC and import to Horizon?

Level 2

Wondering if it's possible to create a map in unity, unreal, or even using objects from blender? 


Level 11

Probably not. You're expected to use the in-app tools to create Worlds.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 4

Before, you couldn't add your own objects and homes in Oculus Home, but over time it became possible. Probably even here, even if he can't do it now, he will be able to in time.

Level 4

URLS/Images was just listed in the main Discord for Horizon Worlds by the team! Which means that it is on their list for what they plan to bring out for public use at some point in the next few months! They did not mention as to when but with the rate of how fast technology is evolving, I see it happening soooner than later! Just stay patient and build/get inspired by other creators! It will be worth the wait and time put in to increase your building and scripting knowledge in the meantime and stay on top of the game overall