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Is there a manual for Workrooms?

I tried contacting support for a pointer to a Workrooms manual and got back a link to the main Occulus, which doesn't cut it. I know that Meta is trying to interest professionals in using Workrooms, but I can't imagine many people my age, 59, having the patience to guess our way forward. I've only spent a few hours trying to set up a place for meetings and right now I wouldn't trust Workrooms for anything of import.


Retired Support

Hey @EarthCentAmbassador, you might want to try utilizing the Meta Store Help Center.  Just type in your query in search articles and you'll be linked to several help articles.  

Here's instructions on How to Join meetings in Meta Horizon Workrooms.

There are multiple links available through the website tree including several Related articles.


I hope that helps you get on track to using Workrooms! Let me know if you found this useful. Thanks!

Have you tried turning it off and on again?