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Is there a way to look at a webpage from within horizon worlds

Honored Guest

So this is what I want to do: I want to create a Horizon world where I can meet a bunch of people and each of us will be able to open a window within the world to a website. Each of us will only be able to see our own website that we create and interact with that website. Obviously there will be more to the world, but this element is key to getting this going. Since I've seen videos in horizon worlds I'm hoping there is a way to bring up a webpage as a gizmo or some element that is creditable in the world.

Alex Iannicelli

Honored Guest

Did you manage to find anything out about this one? I wanted to do it so I could use Bing AI to walk me through how to build a world. Would be so much easier having a browser with all the instructions on what to do from inside the world, without having to go back to laptop/tablet each time.


Hey, Old ManCelli!

If you need to log in to the web version of the Meta Horizon Worlds, the link is: Https://horizon. meta. com

If you receive an invitation from the Meta Horizon Worlds official to join the web version, you can log in to the web version normally!

你好,我来自中国Sam Xue!

你好,我来自中国Sam Xue!