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Latest update feedback


The latest update of HW which I installed on 1/5/23 has several problems which I have noticed.  This thread is intended to provide feedback to Meta regarding this update.

1.   Loading screen has no real use.   This time could be used to list new features in the release, or tips about using Horizon Worlds,  list upcoming events or even list and solicit feedback regarding new features planned.  The image is interesting the first one or two times it is seen, then becomes kind of annoying in my opinion.

2.  Audio spatial scope  ( local vs. world )  popups can not be disabled.   These are quite disruptive to the immersive experience.    A possible improvement would be a small indicator in the periphery of vision showing the audio scope.  Perhaps just a dot with Ruby, Amber or Emerald color indicating local, extended or global range.

3. PCVR client no longer enables PC audio to be played into world via avatar.    This has broken the ability for people to play their music in a club environment ( essentially disabling DJs ).   The addition of user provided music in a club environment is a great enhancement to the ambience of a club or bar type world.  A significant percentage of adult ( you know - the people with credit cards ? ) users enjoy these environments for socialization as well as dancing etc.  because of the music.    The ability to provide music in a world from a users own music library should ( IMHO ) be formalized with user assumption of copyright liability formally acknowledged by the user.   Non-copyright music is available or a world creator or DJ can procure appropriate P.R.O.  licensing to stream rights protected music. The license fees are reasonable when considering them against potential monetization of a popular world.    It could be seen as a reasonable expense to a world operator to pay Meta some fee to provide a streaming server through which music or other content could be played into a world.  Ideally these servers could be running on Meta hardware ensuring a high level of operational stability as well as computer security and management. This could also reduce external network traffic to some extent for both Meta and a user's network connection.  The package could include annual documentation of user counts within a world to ease the ability of a license holder to renew their license fairly with the P.R.O. ( Producer's Rights Organization )

4.   Scripted objects are behaving differently - some "toys" that used to work in a particular fashion no longer behave the same way, reducing enjoyment of user experience.


Suggestion:   A variety of complex scripted object from various worlds should be included in QA test suites, as well as DJs etc.





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That's a great chance in this platform  that is really very nice and interesting change 🙂