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Live video streaming from your own computer

Honored Guest

For us people from ALTSPACE, we use to live stream videos in altspace even used a YouTube player. We have these screens that don’t do nothing but be blank. NOTHING. We’re looking to have working TVs where we may host a movie night. Movie of our choice. Sometimes we get sick of just the music 24/7. We want to chill and look at a movie sometimes. And say if you have a date night, you can’t chill to just music, you want to look at a movie together in your horizon world. I’m just saying, that would make things so much better. Honestly speaking. Please honor this request. I know I’m not the only one that want a working TELEVISION 


Expert Protege

Would love this also, many would, although may never come to the general public.  Movies were removed from vr chat and some content from big screen lately, presumably due to legal reasons. Can still screen share in big-screen though. 


So as far as a working screen, we currently do not have access to this. As you may know, horizon has a few worlds with screens, just at this moment, we as creators do not have this ability. Will we in the future? I couldnt say.