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Making train tracks that actually curve into a turn

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Does anyone have a video on how to make train tracks with an actual turn in them? I for the life of me cannot make a curved rail. It comes out looking more like Minecraft type of tracks. Not a huge fan of that choppy block look. I want a nice smooth curved rail if thats even possible. Help?! Anyone? 



So this is semi possible if you're willing to give up some capacity. If you use cylinders and spheres for curved edges, you can get pretty close. What you want to do is first get used to using your snap tool and used to changing the angle of snap. This will help you out with precision. Next decide how big a radius your looking for. Then with some basic math, you can determine how many pieces you'll need to make that curve. Then take a cylinder and stretch it to the length you want. On each end of the cylinder place a sphere that's the same diameter of the cylinder. Next the spheres center center node to the face of the center of the cylinder. Take your next cylinder and snap it to the center and rotate it from the center node to make the curve you want. If you're accurate enough, copy and paste from one cylinder to the opposite end of the previous one and use the array tool to complete the circle



Almost thinnest qtr and full curvesAlmost thinnest qtr and full curves

I’ve done something similar to this, the built in curved edges didn’t do what I wanted. When you expanded them you cant control the thickness of the object, that’s static and all part of it.

they might work for tracks? You can adjust by all axis and the thickness is much more controllable by changing y scale. You have to drag the points though, trying to do it in code shifts where it resizes from, it’s a pain but least there’s a workaround. Bit laborious but once done you could have a bunch of assets at different dimensions, good library of curves then. 41 objects for a curve is a fair whack, but could increase angle and increase width of each cube for a slightly less smooth curve and less objects.

Let me know if you want a copy.
Qtr and full circle (made of 4 qtrs)Qtr and full circle (made of 4 qtrs)Almost thinnest curve is 41 objectsAlmost thinnest curve is 41 objects