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Meta Horizon Worlds: Unable to Travel - UPnP Required?

Honored Guest

I'm trying to run Meta Horizon Worlds while connected to my corporate network. The application runs correctly until I attempt to travel to a world. Every time I attempt to travel to a world, I receive the error message "Unable to Travel".


We have gone through network troubleshooting, and the only thing we can think is causing the problem is that UPnP is disabled on our firewall.


Can anyone confirm that UPnP needs to be enabled to travel to worlds in Meta Horizon Worlds, correctly?



Ive been having the same exact issue! I was on HW for 6 months, then one day said i could travel and been that way since for about 5 months smh! I think HW had a security update with their platform which got some f us booted out. It suck because I have a lot of work that I do in HW that is dead now because I can't get in.


I don't think it needs UPnP, I checked my router logs and don't see it requesting it. I do know it didn't like QoS that much, had constant issues with that enabled.

Ah ok cool. Will look into disabling that if it's active and see what happens, Ty. If you figure out a fix please let me know and i'll do the same.