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Meta Horizon disappeared

Honored Guest

I cant INSTALL META Horizon Worlds. It was on my OCULUS but it has disappeared . How do I get it back.


Honored Guest

Mines did too

Honored Guest

I've gone crazy for him to let me install it, I put my meta account, i
t won't let me, I put my facebook of legal age and it won't give me a solution?
change to a new facebook account dated 1960 if it worked without problems!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey friends! Have you linked your Facebook and Instagram lately to your Meta account? If your Facebook or Instagram has had restrictions or bans in the past, Meta will block you from Horizon Worlds. Unlink your social media accounts from your Meta account and you should be able to get Horizons back. If it is not available right away try restarting the headset. If the issue still persists, click on this link to submit a support ticket so that our knowledgeable team can look into this matter further on your behalf.

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could you provide instructions for this