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Honored Guest

How to apply for minimization and why meta don’t have better info for noobs?  



There is no application process for monetization at the moment.  HW is still in beta, so there is an invite only group for testers on the platform.  Not all of those are monetized either. 

To your second point, I am working with BluNet Studio and it is the leading group of educators in Horizon, we are currently expanding the team, content and sessions. 

We are the only ones to offer in world interactive scripting and only ones providing free classes as well as the longest running classes.  There are people that offer paid one on one classes as well.

Is there particular content you are looking for?  Perhaps I can point you in the right direction. Feel free to join us on facebook or discord if you having any questions.  At the moment we hold in world scripting sessions to ask anything Thursdays at 9pm est in the "Weekly Scripting Hour" world.