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Phantom preview clicker frustration


I may have posted this before if so I'm sorry

But Someone keeps clicking down the preview button whilst I am trying to make my 29th map

While I'm in the middle of trying to do something I suddenly appear in preview mode sometimes having to redo the work I did I do not know if this is damaging me or my oculus but it is very irritating

Could someone be connected to my device ? does anyone know what could be causing this?


Expert Protege

Doing preview (little mode) shouldn't affect your work, sounds like something else is going on. For going into preview may just be a sticky controller. No one else can control this except you, not even the safety specialists. 


I responded to your previous post about this issue. It seems like the joystick on your left controller is moving forward erratically. To fix this, you can desensitize it by calibrating the controller in the Meta Settings -> Devices -> Controllers. Once you reach the last step of the calibration process, move the slider to 100.


Usually when this happens,  it means you have drift in your controller. In most cases, you either have dirt in your joystick or there may be wear on the contacts. A couple solutions:

If you have dead zones or drift, you can calibrate your jotsticks in your quest menu. You can test it and it will compensate it by setting an offset.


Test it with a different controller. If you have a spare, try using that and see if the problem persist. If so, the issue is your controller. If thatd be the case, replace the controller.

Lastly, you may need to clean the joystick. Take the batteries out and spray a little contact cleaner under the joystick. Make sure its safe for plastic. If you can , opt for a product called Deoxit. Its meant to clean and lubricate electronics with moving parts. It is dielectric so it wont ruin your controller. If you do go that rout, theres a way to take apart your controller. Remember, if you do take it apart, you risk your warrenty being null and void, so take that into consideration.  


Hope this helps!