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Problems in Horizon Worlds


I’m just ranting a little but I’m starting to feel discouraged when I’m build mode. We are already so limited with items to use in our builds, so to have things taken away on top of all of the different issues that arise weekly is discouraging. Everybody I know, self included, is black boxing or losing sound and not able to snap properly which is key to making your build look clean. It has to get better and horizon needs to start really addressing the real issues instead of adding unnecessary things like footsteps and shadows and get us out this black box. So many are giving up and selling their systems because they are over it. Please fix these issues so people will be excited to log on.


Expert Protege

Yes they do need to fix this I agree with you 100%


Kennyatta Farris

Thank you for your support. This experience sometimes make you just log off. Hopefully things get better soon.

Getting tired of not being able to build my world without getting booted out of horizon worlds app due to not enough memory to run the app.  Can't believe I paid big bucks for a headset that don't operate properly.  So many updates, with so many patches and yet still have issues like crashing, not being able to call up menu items, or for that matter, duplicate objects, spawn objects and all of the above without quitting, or restarting your headset multiple times.  Please fix your mess or hire engineers and programmers that actually know what their doing.