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Release date outside the US?

Honored Guest

One major reason I got the Quest 2 was to work in Horizon Worlds. In fact my friend and employer got this for me, as they wanted me to help them with the scripting side of things in Horizon Worlds.


However, I am in Chile, Latin America, and I come to find out I can't get the Horizon Worlds app. It just says "Coming Soon" in the store and, from what I was able to find out looking into this, I may have the option of downloading it some time after creating my brand-new Oculus account, which is less than a week old now—but there is really no telling.


Unfortunately it looks like there is no date for the release outside the US, or Facebook is not saying who will get access to Horizon Worlds and when. If anyone has useful information there, it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.



Right now Horizon is rolling out in the U.S. and Canada. We plan to expand to more countries in the future. We’ll make sure the community here is the first to know!