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Send/Recieve List

Level 2


I can send an event to an object with a list as a parameter (in this case a list of vectors). On the recieving end I can't chose a list from the available options... Is this not possible or am I doing something wrong?

All advice much appreciated!



Level 4

I have not found a way to pass lists in whole so what I've done instead is create a send event that will iterate through the list and a listen event on the target object that will build it's own list on the destination. It's a bit more tedious but it's worked in all of the instances I need. If you want it to reset the list on the destination, in the send event if you have a free parameter use a boolean and then you can simply say on item[0] send reset=true but on all other items reset=false and have the capture event process that accordingly. If anyone knows of a better way to do this, I'd love to update some of my scripts.

Level 2

Cool workaround! Any chance you could share what that code looks like? I'd love to do something like this.

Sure. Using OP's ask as an example.

Object 1 has a list of vectors named ListVects and is tied to a script VectLists.

Object 1 has a variable called GameCtrl which is defined on the object itself to point to the GameController
Object 2 is a controller named GameController and is tied to a script GameScore

Object 2 has a list of vectors variable named RcvdListVects


Code on VectLists

On World Start (or whatever triggers the event with the object 1 which contains the list)

  • Send Event GrabList to self with Int (0)


When event GrabList is received with Iterator

  • If (Iterator < length(ListsVect))
    • Send event SendList to GameCtrl with ListsVect[Iterator] and Iterator
      • #ListsVect[Iterator] is the get object from list in position with iterator, I don't recall the exact name of the action
    • Send event GrabList to self with Iterator+1

Code on GameScore

When event SendList is received with Vec(ReceivedVec) and Int(Iterator)

  • If (Iterator = 0)
    • clear RcvdListVects
  • #no else statement
  • Add ReceivedVec to RcvdListVects