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Suggestion: Horizon Worlds Teleprompter

Level 3

Hi there! I’m a Horizon worlds content creator, I use Horizon worlds to create content, Regular skits, Tiktoks, Tutorials, and even gameplay videos / Reviews.

One thing that constantly bugs me is the fact that I have to leave VR to read my scripts when recording videos, It would be extremely useful if I could read my scripts from within VR  maybe a little teleprompter screen where I can import .txt files into or a way to stream my PC screen into Horizon worlds so I’m able to read things off of my PC Screen


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

That sounds really really cool. Imagine a whole video production suite in Horizon Worlds. That would be the stuff!

Now you're playing with power...SUPER power!

Exactly! Would allow for some insane creations 😂