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This thing has me tearing out my Hair


Since yesterday I have had a nightmare trying to finish my latest map number 25

This thing acts maliciously it is very difficult and frustrating to work on this thing

The first thing was that when I was trying to work on my map it clicks down the preview button and I suddenly appear in the preview of my map this is very frustrating when I am trying to finish something

The controllers are very flimsy I'm not sure if it is because the battery's I am using But I am going to try and get better battery's for this thing

This thing does not seem to work as well as I want it to work It seems to have an attitude which I do not want it even deletes objects that I made causing me to have to remake objects sometimes it ignore scripts that I have made and connected also it keeps duplicating stuff randomly which is very irritating this thing is causing a lot of aggravation to me who is controlling this thing? could someone sort it out !



I still think this device act's maliciously …. does someone control this thing?... this thing keeps raising my blood pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!