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Trouble with the oculus quest 2 laundry room

Level 3

I am stuck on my map I cannot make any progress

in my map there is a laundry room with 4 washing machines and clothes to put in the washing machines the player has to sort the different coloured laundry into the washing machines to progress  I cannot get this to work !!!!

the player has to put 4 items into the 4 washing machines the total is written on the door 16 then this door will open allowing the player to progress I cannot get this to work I have tried sending an event to another script that will send the numbers to a total script but it ignores the event?

How can I make the oculus quest add all the laundry from the 4 different washing machines it doesn't seem to work





Level 3

Why does nobody reply to these?

I had to use only one trigger for this in the end 

since there are no counters I had to use a string gizmo to convert the number into a numerical form so that the player could see the number  (all this work it was just meant to be a joke)