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Unattainable Achievements


I've been searching for a few months, but I haven't found anything. My wife doesn't have access to achievements. They're not visible even for Meta created worlds. Everything is up to date and doesn't work on her Quest 2, Quest 3, or Airlinked to PC. She submitted a bug report, but we're unsure how to get help fixing it. Community Guides didn't do anything, Facebook groups, etc.


Expert Protege

If you are referring to in world achievements that each creator can put in their worlds then that is definitely a bug. The only place to put those is in the Discord group.

However if you are referring to the quests that you get rewarded with a wearable or Emoji, etc for visiting the world or performing certain actions then that is not a bug they just roll out all updates so it could be your wife's account just hasn't received that update yet.