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World creator transfer

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This is a bit of an odd request because the nature of it is very sad.


I worked with my friend who was the creator of our world, and I was made an editor on this world. This past Sunday, my friend passed away suddenly which has left a profound sadness with me and our Horizon friends/community. I know he would have wanted us to continue to collaborate and continue building this world but as editors we have no capacity or ability to publish the world. Is there a process whereby we can get the world transferred. Our concern is that his account will eventually disable itself and we will lose the ability to manage the world entirely.


I know we can duplicate the world but that will eventually get quite confusing to have copies of the same place available on Horizon.

I realize this is a very odd request, but I know he would have wanted us to carry his legacy forward.


Please if there is any way someone from Meta can contact me or help us, that would be greatly appreciated.





Level 2

Hey ImDaMan30, 


Did anyone get back to you about this?

Hi TrainerCal,


I have not received a response. I am not sure anyone really has an answer to it. In your case you have the creator, in my case the creator passed away. I hope we can get a solution to this because over time I see this becoming a larger problem for a lot of creators/editors.


If I hear anything I will let you know.
Level 2

If you are an editor you can import the world to your account as a copy and then you can manage it and publish it from your account.