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Have a Horizon Worlds building question? Can't quite get that script to work out the way you want? Ask away! Please stay on topic - Off topic posts are submit to removal.
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Horizon Worlds AI Script

I think if is good idea if some people don’t know how to make snow, rainy, flash or other effect and so on. I would like to add in like ChatGPT, because It will give you scripts itself and then use controls to make your way to how move in script but ...

Problems in Horizon Worlds

I’m just ranting a little but I’m starting to feel discouraged when I’m build mode. We are already so limited with items to use in our builds, so to have things taken away on top of all of the different issues that arise weekly is discouraging. Every...

Long term idea for Meta Horizon Worlds

Hey EveryoneSo I’ve checked out Horizon Worlds and I think it could be much better with a change in how people create inside the world. A prime example of something I believe blows horizon worlds out of the water is a game on steam (PCVR) called reso...

borg.av by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest: Horizon Worlds - Creepy Cabin

I'm relatively new to Horizontal Worlds with really only getting involved to watch the Faceless Lady. In the Creepy Cabin, how many mini games are there. I got to the last part, I think, but I'm not sure if there's a more definite payoff. Has anyone ...

seroo by Honored Guest
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Crystal colour change

I want to make a crystal that I have change colour when I press a button and when on a pedestal (there will be many crystals and pedestals so I only want the pedestal to take information from the crystal and then change it)

Importing 3D models?

Hello everybody. I am currently a student at the Academy of Art University and I work with Autodesk Maya, 3DS MAX, Substance Painter, etc. etc. I was wondering if there was a way to use my own 3D models to build a Meta Horizon world?