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Have a Horizon Worlds building question? Can't quite get that script to work out the way you want? Ask away! Please stay on topic - Off topic posts are submit to removal.
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Cannot install Horizon Worlds

Hello, I tried constantly for awhile now to install Horizon worlds but I get the “add to wishlist” option. Saw a friend playing it a few days ago and he said it was available right off the bat. But when I check it, I can’t install it. I’m well over 1...

cant instill

i want to instill meta horizon but if keeps saying coming soon my frand told me that he has it and want to play torgather but i cant even do that becues the game on my end says it COMING SOON WAY IS THIS. if the ceo wants people to play togather then...

Locked out of my own creation

I am having problems with my oculus quest 2 starting yesterday morningfirstly I'm having problems with respawn points my character will not start were I have specified and this can be frustratingAfter charging my oculus I was locked out of the build ...

Key Portal conundrum

I am having problems with the oculus quest 2 horizon worldsI made a key and when I put the key in the lock it will activate and respawn the player inside the room but my oculus quest 2 is refusing to do this I am sure I put the code in for this prope...


My Quest Pro updated Horizon Worlds yesterday..All of my Assets I created are gone.. Not one ..I had alot I created.. I'm pretty upset...Some where pretty time consuming.. Any ideas how I can get them back?

Meta horizon world

Hi,I purchased and set up my new meta quest 2 yesterday but every time I start meta quest world on the quest 2 it comes up with a message telling me to set it up. im really stuck with what to do because I think I’ve tried everything.

World has been unpublished

Dear Meta, I wanted to enquire why our world was unpublished. As far as we are aware, we were not breaking any violations. We strictly followed the guidelines and no one seems to have had an issue. I was wondering what exactly caused the removal of o...

JRaid by Level 2
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World creator transfer

Hello, This is a bit of an odd request because the nature of it is very sad. I worked with my friend who was the creator of our world, and I was made an editor on this world. This past Sunday, my friend passed away suddenly which has left a profound ...

Grab distance for objects

Hi, in my world I have 10 identical items that a player has to move. As they get moved sometimes the players stack them. If a player grabs one of the items from a distance that is under one of the other items, the item on top flies off and has to be ...

Resolved! How to create wheel spinner

Hi! I am looking to make a physics based wheel spinner as a minigame. Like that seen from Wheel of Fortune. Im struggling with setting up an object/entity that cant be moved and can only be rotated on the Z axis. It could be possible to do with spinn...

MagDean by Level 2
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Horizon Worlds Abuse

Horizon Worlds is moderated by "community guides" who will ban you for looking at them wrong. they all run off of a different set of rules every server so watch out and make sure to walk on egg shells. if you look at them wrong you could receive a he...

Resolved! Horizon Worlds Coming Soon

Hello,I am developer, I bought Quest 2 for development in Horizon Worlds but it says coming soon in the App Store. Kindly help me in this issue. How can I download it and do development in the Horizon Worlds. I checked on some forums it says that hor...

Add streaming radio to my world

Hi there! I’m a DJ and would to be able to stream my sets to my world live. I can do this in SecondLife via Shoutcast streaming. Can this be done in Horizon? Is there any way to have streaming internet radio play in the world rather than uploading in...