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Add streaming radio to my world

Hi there! I’m a DJ and would to be able to stream my sets to my world live. I can do this in SecondLife via Shoutcast streaming. Can this be done in Horizon? Is there any way to have streaming internet radio play in the world rather than uploading in...

play .mp4 in world

Is there a way to play an .mp4 video in worlds, on a big screen like a cinema (with sound)?I need to know this before i spend a lot of time learning the horizon building course. Thanks

melsers by Level 2
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Passthrough Worlds

Now that the Pro is around, many of us prefer the color passthrough when using creativity apps. Is Meta going to have a passthrough mode when building in HW? Builders will be able to stay in longer. Already a number of 3rd party companies updated the...

JCat by Level 4
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destruction of my world

Good morning all,I was editing the world which was already visible to horizon users and had an app crash. I had to restart the application in order to continue the modifications and I find myself with a completely destroyed world on the creation part...

horizon world

Hello! I want to know if there is a way to connect to horizon world without telling my friends in there? I do not want to block anybody but sometimes I do not want to be bugged and just tg to watch or go to different rooms by myself. Is there a ay I ...

MulanQC by Level 2
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Grouping Limits

Is there a limit to how many groups within groups you can make. I have built a complex ship computer with hadbale screens and buttons and now HW is not letting me group it with my ship. At this point there is only 3 layers. Button groups inside of a ...

No Personal space apartment

Husband and I got Oculus together on Black Friday. We weren’t able to get into Horizon World for about a week, but once we were he has the Horizon apartment personal space and I still have the old version on the hill with no apartment. How do I recti...

Creating Climb Grab Points

Hi - hope you can help, I've visited Horizon worlds where players can climb (pull themselves up) using grab points (or objects) anchored to the wall - how are these grab points/objects created? Setting an object's property to 'grabbable' is only avai...

Network service daemon on PC

I think having an optional daemon running on a PC to provide access for quest to home network resources such as printers and file servers would help the growth in capability and utility of Horizon. A user would not need to set up the daemon if they d...

getting started with building

I have only been online with my quest 2 for a very short time (started with the Rift S years ago) in the start there was an info board that says we can build. Where do I go and how do I get there? I think that there are a few info boards to get me st...

DTH by Level 7
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Looking for some help...

Does anyone have any type of scripting to build a slot machine? I am also needing some help scripting my table games like Poker & Omaha. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance BajaBob69AKA; Robert Threadgill