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V139 updates for creators

Summary of the past weeks updates that affect creators...Expanded availability: Members-only worlds are now available for all Meta Horizon Worlds users ages 18+. (Important to note - that once you convert your world to member only, it cannot be chang...

1V1XEN by Protege
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Oculus quest 2 frustrations

The controls keep locking up. ! While I am trying to build something in my map the controls stop responding and I cannot select anything this is very frustratingAlso something I noticed there is a problem with lighting when I select the option for th...

Resolved! Own VR Room in Horizon Workrooms

I have created my own scene using unity and i would like to use that as a room in Horizon Worksrooms so that others can come and collaborate in that scene. How can this be done?In some videos, i see Build menu show some assets but it seems to be (may...

Bus Ride nightmare

How do I make a bus follow a route with correct rotation and co-ordinates ?Is there a technique to make this work? I cant make sense of these numbers for rotation and directionI use markers and this seems to work but its not accurate as there are slo...

Creating world in horizon

I am trying to create my first world, I chose to start from blank. I have some buildings and foliage but I can’t figure out how to make the floor and also what to do when my capacity is full. I’ve watched the tutorial video a million times but can’t ...

frizoeing by Honored Guest
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Horizons Access

So is it correct Horizons is not available to every Meta user even if they have the appropriate hardware. Im in Australia and the Meta Quest 3 store says Horizons is not available to me. Is it still in Beta?

Horizon worlds unavailable

Apparently if you’ve been naughty on Facebook then they effectively ban you from horizon worlds,it’s very odd and unfair,I was able to download it about a month or so before horizon worlds was released here in the uk,played it for a few hours,but the...

Building Horizon Worlds help

Hey everyone, I’m new and becoming very frustrated with building a new world in horizon worlds. I’ve gone through the tutorial but when I’m trying to place items, they are huge - bigger than the whole space. How to I place an item at the correct scal...

Ky7ee by Honored Guest
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