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I cant use Horizon World

Hello, hope everyone is doing well. Just would like to build in Horizon World but it's becoming difficult. I had a facebook account since 2007 and I got hacked in 2022 I haven't been able to use facebook like before. When I got the oculus I used my f...


关于如何在非Meta Horizon Worlds游戏支持的国家地区安装正版官方游戏教程完整步骤! 如果在WiFi已连接的情况下,如果提示游戏“即将推出”或“不可用”时:1.先关毕 WiFi连接,选择用智能手机开启的共享热点; If the game is " Coming Soon" or " Not Available " if the WiFi is connected: 1. Turn off the WiFi connection first, Choose a shared hots...

Screenshot_2023-09-23-17-59-06-361_com.oculus.twilight.jpg Screenshot_2023-09-26-00-08-43-922_com.android.settings.jpg Screenshot_2023-09-26-00-09-25-924_com.android.settings.jpg Screenshot_2023-09-24-12-36-05-218_com.oculus.twilight.jpg

Resolved! How to create wheel spinner

Hi! I am looking to make a physics based wheel spinner as a minigame. Like that seen from Wheel of Fortune. Im struggling with setting up an object/entity that cant be moved and can only be rotated on the Z axis. It could be possible to do with spinn...

MagDean by Honored Guest
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Creating Climb Grab Points

Hi - hope you can help, I've visited Horizon worlds where players can climb (pull themselves up) using grab points (or objects) anchored to the wall - how are these grab points/objects created? Setting an object's property to 'grabbable' is only avai...

strawman1 by Honored Guest
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Meta ARPG Template (Enemy Problem)

Hi there. i am working since days on a (maybe) simple problem. There is this great ARPG template, with Attaking Enemys etc.you can find it when selecting „new world“ here is my problem. everytime i touch one of these enemy’s with rotating blades- the...

workroom app

Meta quest2 workroom app suddenly won't start. It freezes at the opening screen. This happens only with meta quest2, which has multiple accounts. It does not happen with the main account, but when I switch to sub accounts and start the workroom. The ...

jjjno1 by Honored Guest
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Horizon Worlds Question

In Horizon Worlds, Is there a way to add Editors or Testers to a world, outside of the app it self? I know there's the Creations site but all i see on there is Edit Title/ Description and/or backups/restore.

EV1LSM1RK by Honored Guest
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Grouping Limits

Is there a limit to how many groups within groups you can make. I have built a complex ship computer with hadbale screens and buttons and now HW is not letting me group it with my ship. At this point there is only 3 layers. Button groups inside of a ...

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