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Horizon Worlds

Horizon worlds still coming soon i have been trying to download horizon worlds, but it still appears as coming soon z I live in the US and over 18. I've tried waiting but it has said coming soon for multiple weeks. Every where else says that the game...

CohoOdie by Honored Guest
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Swinging saloon door

I have a one way swinging door with a single trigger working in my world, but I was trying to create a double swing (aka saloon) door that can swing both ways depending on which way the user is entering. Similar to the door in the user's Horizon Worl...

onlyday by Honored Guest
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Horizon world creation

My uncle (MrWataloon Chill Syl) and I are working on another world creation but there seemed to be limitations. Is there any upcoming developments that will allow creators to fully display their imagination? Or are we to just accept creating worlds t...

Stabillus by Honored Guest
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Scripting Wearables Help!

Hi guys!! Im currently working on a water park world with one of my friends, and I can’t figure out a way to get an object to attach to your hands & torso. I know there is scripting involved and I can’t find a way to make the script work. Any ideas o...

eriicaa by Honored Guest
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Send/Recieve List

Hi,I can send an event to an object with a list as a parameter (in this case a list of vectors). On the recieving end I can't chose a list from the available options... Is this not possible or am I doing something wrong?All advice much appreciated!

NoSpek by Honored Guest
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Good afternoon everyone

Why is it that I got the oculus quest 2 last Tuesday and live in the United States and can’t get Horizon worlds but my brother lives in the same town got the same headset and he was able to get Horizon worlds yes I have Facebook connected to head set...

Horizon limited world

For some strange reason Horizon world is still limited to usa and canada only, they obviously they don't want people in vr to get into the app from the rest of the world for an unknown reason, good luck with this limitation, I am for one not interest...

Aymito2 by Expert Protege
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