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so like, what is horizon worlds?


i dont really know what horizon worlds is, can someone please tell me.
(Note: i'm just curious because i keep seeing it in my quest menu even though i dont remember installing it, since the only things i have installed are vrc and yt)



So if you have it on your quest, youll wanna go in and try it out. Meta Horizon World is a social platform with the added functionality to make and play games, create hangout spaces, build a community of your own liking and meet new people. If your into hanging out, theres many places to go. Soapstone comedy clubbis a big one. If youre into playing puzzles, anything built by Wafflecopters or You can try action island for a first person shooter. If you wanna learn how to build, TanzerVR is an amazing teacher for building, if youre looking to bring those builds to life, I teach people basic scripting techniques to get them used to how the system works.