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Horizon Worlds

Honored Guest

I am looking to purchase a Meta Quest for World Travel Experiences. Not finding much info on this app. Where can I travel, how is the app, and would one recommend this purchase just for this feature as I am not a gamer? Just would like to be an Armchair Traveler. 

Any input would be greatly appreciated. - Thanx



Hi, there’s an app called Brink that does world travel, check the reviews for it though and see if it’s what you’re looking for as it’s a paid app. Brink 

YouTube application also has tonnes of 360 deg videos from all over the world and those are free to view.
Hope this helps!

Expert Protege

I love the app Wander for world travel. You can do it alone or socially, I enjoy open social travels as you learn a lot from other people travelling to their countries.  I had a great tour of India from a local that I never would have experienced elsewhere.  It is tied to google street view, so some people even upload their own (with a 360 camera) for memories of their own travels.   It is an inexpensive app, and completely worth it. My mother loves to travel to her home country and she feels it worthwhile just for that app, however there are other apps you might enjoy as well that are for non-gamers.