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I can not enter Horizon world

I tried to enter the Horizon world for the first time, but it doesn’t let me enter. I received the message that says to and syncs your device but I already did everything and my accounts are connected. I don’t know what to do. would you please help me with that?


Level 2

I'm getting the same message

Level 2

Same here. Followed all prompts. It did ask for a code, never got a code but then its stuck on "" page.

Level 2

I am having the same problem. I think it’s the new update, but it sucks because I downloaded everything that I needed to download. I don’t understand it very well. They got to do a better job with it but if not, I’m just not gonna use this app and just play my games. Maybe this is the problem why nobody it’s in this world because nobody can login I’m going to say please help but I can see that nobody has answered anybody’s questions, so maybe this is a waste of time to they gotta do better. It’s like the simple stuff like logging into your world. It’s a problem like the other day. I was trying to buy a new quest two for Christmas for my kid and I had a hard time finding the website. Why can I login to it to my oculus website I think they will have something there so you can buy accessories for the oculus to something so simple come on meta do better simplify the stuff for people like me they can figure things out the simpler the better just like Amazon simple you buy you don’t like you return simple no hassle

Level 2

I am having the same issue. Been that way for a week now. I've uninstalled, restarted, you name it !!   

Level 3

Same here... 💢