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Hey Creators! Needing scripts done in your world? Need help to bring your world alive? I have been in horizon worlds for almost 3 years building and scripting many things. Ive worked with many creators to help bring their worlds to life. Ive been on a few big projects, as well as small projects. 

Some of my work can be seen in Kiliks Campfire, Gerudu Valley, Wendys, Blue Wave Studio HQ, and many others. Still not confident? Let me take you on a tour of things ive created for myself. I have what i call "Labs" that are not published, but i bring other creators to test out mechanics that they may want in their worlds. Is there something you saw that you like, but wanna make tweaks to to fit your world? No problem, we can set up a build session and fine tune a mechanic to your liking. 

If youre worried about price, im open to negotiations.

Contact info:

Horizon Worlds: Ukuleleman2010

Fb: Ukuleleman2010

Horizon Worlds discord server: Ukuleleman2010



Hey so I added you on Quest and even sent you a message on there, haven't heard anything back from you..

Hello, im sorry for the delay. I just saw your notification. I wrote you on the quest app. 

Thanks again.

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Me I'm working on