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Virtual Gaming Bar Idea

Honored Guest

Hey Zuckerberg,

I tried horizon work space and worlds tutorial. Right away I was impressed at progress made so far. 

One thing I was curious of was seeing if I could use the quest 3 to make my own pc gaming hub. I used the office simulator to put up my 3 screens. 

I pulled up Overwatch 2 and wanted to see if I could game in a virtual setting and make my own environment backdrop. 

Hence it made me think of an idea. I would like to be able to hop into a virtual gaming bar or community space where I can share my game and talk to people next to me. 

It would allow Americans to experience those Japanese or Korean gaming pc bars that they host but in a secure and immersive experience. 

Latency is one issue to solve. Also it would be cool to work with Discord to allow people to do this in a private scale. 

A way to make a custom room, play my spotify music and play our own games together might be an awesome gamer experience.