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Not able to Install

Hello,So Ive been accidentally banned on Meta for 24hrs on March 8th, since then I haven’t been able to reinstall horizons, I spent countless hours on the game spending time with many friends and family and my content community. I feel like someone s...

Boltzii by Honored Guest
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App randomly kicking everyone out…

I was in a party with 6 people including myself and we were playing arena clash and we began to get thrown off the app and back to our home screens. It happened several times and also sent me to the platform several times where i’m in the sky with a ...

r4sco by Honored Guest
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Can not use Horizons

Hello, I’m having a similar problem to other users here - the app tells me I need to create a meta account, but I’ve already set it all up. I’ve bought a few apps already.I go to the page prompted by the warning screen, but it tells me I’m good to go...

Downloading meta Worlds

I’ve been trying for over a week now to download meta worlds and it says coming soon. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve created a new profile. I’ve done all I can. Someone please tell me what to do. Not from a script, but from dialed exp...

Ruby4.20 by Honored Guest
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Regarding horizon world's in India

Is there a way that i can install horizon world's in India in meta quest 2, as it says coming soon , & i don't see a way to explore the same in any way. I soo wanted to see tomorrow's event Facebook connect from the device. Any help here is appreciat...

gamerlan by Honored Guest
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I've been trying to learn script by collabing with Vidyuu for a few months now. If you know he is a busy man, however there is a vidyuu verification program that might help you get a foot in the door. Just wondering if anybody recommends that and if ...

Beta Testers wanted

Hi, I am looking for a few people who wouldn't mind testing out my world. It is in beta currently and I know there are a few areas in the world that need some more work however, my headaches only allow me to be in the metaverse for so long before I h...

Belex0941 by Honored Guest
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Looking for world collaborator

I’m looking for a collaborator in Horizons worlds to submit to the Spring competition. I’m looking for someone who’d be good at scripting bcuz that’s what I need that I can’t figure out! Thank you for your time and consideration

Quristle by Honored Guest
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Shakespeare's Birthday Celebration

Hey all -- Are there any actors here with experience performing Shakespeare's Sonnets?I'm thinking of a Shakespeare's birthday celebration (4/23 or 4/26 or those dates more or less).With each other (and hopefully an audience), we would present in HW ...

QPORIT by Sightseer
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