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Horizon World

J'ai installé Horizon World, mais malheureusement je ne peux pas entrer dans le jeu... Voici le message que Horizon World affiche lorsque je clique sur Jouer: Est-ce que quelqu'un a une solution pour ce problème ? Merci !

xMehdiK by Honored Guest
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Horizon world

Hello, I try to post my thumbnail following the instruction below,, when I click on ((( Update ))) my thumbnail do not show! Some one can help me? To create a world thumbnail, start in preview mode within your world. You can use the three bar icon on...

horizon worlds

Hi! I live in the US. Unable to download Horizon Worlds. We are able to DL on another devices in my household, but not mine. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you

Horizon Worlds Not Working

I am currently in US however when I search for Horizon Worlds, it gives me option to "Add to Wishlist" Instead of "Get". I am using my existing Facebook account (which was created outside US in 2009 or something) and not now the current city and all ...

gankhu by Honored Guest
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Horizon Worlds

Hi there I'm in the UK and am still waiting on this to come to us . It still says Coming Soon on all apps , is there anyone actually going to give us an update on when this is being rolled out to to everyone else ? Jan 13th has now come and gone? Its...

Horizon Worlds

Hello,For the last few days I have been trying to install Horizon Worlds. Every day I keep going back and trying and it just says Add to Wish List. I have no violations and I am well over 18. Is this a problem on my end or yours?Thank you,Eric

Erock73 by Honored Guest
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Horizon Worlds (Coming Soon Bug)

Hello, After doing some searches on the internet and this forum, I have noticed a few people have the same problem as I do. I am an Oculus Quest 2 owner (Over 18 years of age and live in the United States) and have my Facebook account connected. When...

Xolo1218 by Honored Guest
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Cannot download Horizon Worlds

I am a US resident and over 18. I try downloading Horizon Worlds but the button remains greyed out and shows "Coming soon." I know that this has been out for some time now. Why can some download the app but others cannot? If issue is not resolved soo...

Horizon worlds

Good day! In support, Oculus was told to write here with my question.I am the creator of a business community in VR, now I am holding conferences in AltSpace and creating worlds there. I see perspectives on the Horizon Metaverse and want to meet the ...